Dear Fellow MacRaes,
Here are eight news items for you to peruse -
1)  Jimi McRae contacted us about being nominated for a music award by a top celtic Internet radio station!  Listeners of, which is broadcast from Chicago, Illinois, has over 50,000 subscribers worldwide, and they have nominated one of his tracks from his latest album 'Global Gathering - Music of the Clan MacRae' for the "outstanding bagpipe track of 2009"!  He is currently leading the pack with over 43% of the votes. Voting continues until March with the results being announced the day after St Patrick's Day (March 18).  Please follow the link below and vote!  You will need to register, but it is free -

The chosen track is called "The Queen's Piper Medley" and consists of a straphspey and jig composed by the late Pipe Major Brian McRae, piper to the Sovereign Queen Elizabeth between the early 1970's and mid 1980's, a straphspey and reel written by Jimi in honour of piping legend Colin MacRae (senior) from Washington State Pipe Band, Seattle, and an excellent march called MacRae Meadow which was written about the site in North Carolina where the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are held each year.  Let's all get behind Jimi and vote him in as the winner!  For more details on what Jimi is doing, please check out his web-site
2)  The UK has had some major weather and here is a picture of the UK recently covered in snow -
3)  We found a photo gallery of all of the Clans as they paraded during the International Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh this past July.  If you follow the link below, you will find an individual photo of each Clan as they paraded during the event.
4)  There has been some development in the pylon power line issue regarding Sheriffmuir Battlefield.  Please see the link and complain appropriately.
5)  National Geographic is selling a calendar with Eilean Donan on the cover.  See below at Amazon -
6)  Sandra Muse who lives in Canada sent us information about a Celtic conference coming up in June  which might be of particular interest to many.  Guelph University, in Ontario (near Toronto), has a Celtic Studies program who's hosting the event, and it is to look at the relationships between the Irish and Scots and Native people, here in North America, and in Australia and New Zealand.  Sandra will be presenting a paper about the Cherokee connection with the Gaels who settled in the American south...all about the Trails and Tears and its parallels with the Highland clearances, etc.  Please see the attached flyer on the conference.  Sandra's email address is
7)  We are also happy to report that Family Tree DNA is still listing the MacRae 67 marker DNA test on their web site for $199.00 which is a $50 savings.  So if you are interested, please use the below link and sign-up for the test.  We currently have 119 McRaes who have joined the project!
8)  Also attached to this email is one chapter from the 1947 book "The Storied Kendalls" by Anne Kendrick Walker.  This is Chapter 7 which is titled "The McLeod and McRae Clans".  We feel this is a good resource with some information not found anywhere else and we received this chapter from Barbara Peters of New York.  We also believe based on the below rules, that this is not an infringement of copyright since we are sending it for the purposes of genealogy research and we are sending only one chapter.  So, please abide by these rules.  Hope this helps in further discoveries!
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Blessings to you all,
Judy and Bruce