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Nell Elizabeth McRae Fronabarger

Nell was one of my Aunts. She passed away November 18, 2008. Along with her husband Ray Earl Fronabarger , they  spent years and untold miles on the road researching archives, libraries, court houses, knocking on doors in the country. All this to compile, and publish a 484 page history of Christopher and Catherine McRae. Christopher and Catherine McRae were my 3rd Great grandparents that immigrated to America from Scotland shortly before the American Revolution. He, was a Patriot Solider in North Carolina.
Nell attended several of the North East Florida and Tallahassee Games .
Nell and Rays book has led to our finding many family members , ones we knew nothing about when the book was published. Most recently at the 2008 Northeast Florida Games, we met Ann and Bill McLeod. Bill's 3rd Grandfather is Brother to Catherine  ( McLeod ) McRae, whom the book is titled after.    
Please post this email to the Clan MacRae of North America web site so all will know about Nell,
Thanks ,

John Wayne McRae.


Nell McRae Fronabarger









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