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MARCH 2013


JOHN WAYNE MCRAE at the St. Augustine , Florida ,St. Patrick's

Day Parade. March 13, 2013


Orlando Scottish Games

    I just wanted to write to you and advise you and the society of our Clan MacRae tent at the Orlando Games this past January 2013. This was the first time and several years that a MacRae tent had been sponsored at the Orlando Games. I was invited to sponsor a tent for Clan MacRae while attending the Stone Mountain games this past October by a planner for the games in Orlando. It was a great success as you can see by the photos below. I had my picture taken with the guest star of the games and met new found family to my McRae family line on the Christopher and Catherine McRae side by the same book written by Neil McRae Fronabarger and Ray E. Fronabarger. Pictured below in front of the tent from left to right, Art Thaxton, me(D. Gordon McRae), Deborah Jean (Thaxton) Shelton, Emma, William Paul Shelton and  Leslie McCallum (Paul's girlfriend, whose father announces the Games in Orlando and many other locations), and John. Deborah Jean is in the book of Christopher and Catherine McRae listed in the genealogy line. I also had many visitors to the tent giving me a warm welcome to the games. I advised several of the planners of the games that I will be sponsoring the Clan MacRae tent next year and the following years as long as I am able. I want to take this moment to thank all who put on a fantastic games and a special hoorah for setting the bar for other games to follow on their fine Sponsors Reception and Dinner event. I have been to many sponsor receptions from Estes Park to Orlando and these guys have reset the bar of my expectations of what a Sponsors Reception should be. I also want to thank our Clan MacRae Society of NA for their support that made it possible.
As Aye
Director: Daniel Gordon McRae







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