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April 2012






Anne E. Rae has recently shared with me that she was able to

download the book History of the MacRae's from Barnes and Noble.

It was a free download to her Nook.

I thank her for sharing this information with us !



hello Ms McCrea,
My name is Chris Griffiths and I live in Devon, England. I'm descended from a McRea/McRae line and through my recent googling found your web site by chance.
While searching my roots I heard of this Scottish connection and i have to say it has been quite a journey. My maternal line goes back through the females to Christiana McRea (2x g grandmother) b.1846 and to her parents Thomas McRea and Eliza Weir, They both left Scotland and married in London, 1839, then moved to Southampton 1841 where the name survives to this day. Unfortunately the McRea name is hard to trace before Thomas as i only have his fathers name, Allan McRea on the marriage cert and no idea where in Scotland they were from. Eliza Weir is a little easier though and i can trace her maternal line (surname Gordon) back to the early 1700's. Every generation had a George Gordon through to Eliza's brother and then the McRae's had 3 successive generations of George Gordon McRea which brings me to the reason for this e mail. The 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic is looming and i would ask all clan McRea to remember William Alexander McRae (his spelling was always different from the rest of the family). Fireman on Titanic and lost with the ship, his body not recovered although several bodies thought to be firemen and some around his age were never identified. He was the son of George Gordon McRea 1st and Harriett Eliza Scott. William married Daisy K Long 1903 and their first child was named William Alexander McRae after his father. Daisy remarried within a year of being widowed to Alfred L Over and went on to have more children with him.
I hope you find this of interest on this special but sad anniversary.
I must also congratulate you on the web site, I've only had a brief look so far but will read it with interest



Chris Griffiths





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