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As we begin a new decade I would like to know what your ideas are for our web site . If you have any suggestions or new ideas please send me an email at


One of the ideas that has been suggested is that the MacRaes might like to communicate with each other . If you think this is a good idea and

would be willing to post your email here on a "MacRae Pal " page, please send me an email with the email address you would like posted so

that other MacRaes can contact you .



Another suggestion that has been presented to me is to have a section where members can share documented stories

or rememberences of their families past or present to share with others. We might call something like this

MacRae Stories. If you would like to submit a story for this section please sumbit it in PDF format for easy

viewing .


I applogise to our readers that I had another round of computer problems recently and was out of

commission for about a week and did lose all my email contacts and data. I may be contacting you to

resend items .

Appologies for the inconvenience.


MACRAE PALS page can now be found under the Archives Section for those of you who would like

to communicate with other MacRaes.




Sharon is seeking information about a MacRae cousin.

I am interested in finding information about a distant cousin, Harriet McRae.  I am not sure of the spelling of her name, but I know she had one son.  Also, I do not know whether she was married, divorced or widowed.  She left her home somewhere in the south (probably over 30 years prior to 1971), took her young son and pioneered to Alaska, coming back to the lower 48 every year during summer vacation.  I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Harriet in 1971.  She wore her grey hair up in a bun, so I am thinking she was close to retirement, as a school teacher, but not sure.

She had lost her only son (do not recall his name) in a tragic airplane crash into one of the mountains.  He was married and left a wife and two daughters, I believe.

At the time of our visit, she was living in a couple’s home in Wasilla, Alaska.  That was a long time ago and I lost contact with her, regrettably.

It would be so nice finding out if this sweet lady is still living, and more of her story, if anyone knows.


 Sharon R. Winchester

Please email Sharon if you have any information regarding this cousin.







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