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An email from Judy McRae:

Greetings MacRaes!

Below are several items of interest.  Most important of all is to vote for the Orkney Traditional Music Project which is the first item.  Feel free to pass this email on to other MacRaes!

Blessings, Judy

Wow!  The Orkney Traditional Music Project has been nominated for an award at the 2010 Scots Trad Music Awards!  For those who were on the 2009 tour, enjoying these musicians was a highlight.  Even if you were not on the tour, please go out and vote for these youngsters.  Malcolm MacRae (Laird of Breckness) connected us with them and the OTMP is nominated in the category of Community Project of the Year.  Here is the link -  On the first page just enter your name and email and then on the next page, Community Project is #6 and you vote for the Orkney Traditional Music Project!  You do not need to vote in any other category unless you want to and then just click through to the end.  Thanks so much for taking the time to vote for these outstanding youngsters!

Arc was commissioned to produce a DVD of The Gathering Edinburgh 2009 and attached is a link to the site which plays a couple of samples from this DVD. You may wish to view it and to pass this link on to your membership should anyone wish to purchase it as a souvenir of this unique event.
I think you will enjoy this bit of Scottish history.  Seems that during WWI the Germans were afraid of the Scottish soldiers!
A North Carolina map published by John MacRae in 1833 -
Link to one of the oldest Scottish radio programs in North America.  It's out of Toronto, and has been on air for about 40 years.  The Scottish program is on every Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6 EST - 
We think you'll appreciate this article in the Edinburgh Evening News -
And here's the photo of the declaration to go with it
Dressed to Kilt video from New York -












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