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MacRae Posters

Larry McRae our newsletter editor had some

nice MacRae posters made and is offering them to

the membership. I am posting a pdf link which you can

download and have printed at your local print shop

if you wish .


Poster 1

Poster 3



On Feb.18 th. 2013 I will host a memorial stone dedication honoring my GGGGrandFather Christopher McRae. He fought in the American Revolution in the Continental Line in North Carolina. The memorial  stone has been placed in the Reedy Creek Presbytrian  Church Cemetery in Minturn, South Carolina. The cemetery is located on Road 9, North west of Dillion, S.C., at the Minturn Road.

Christopher died in 1814. The cemetery is about 1 mile from his plantation.

There will be a piper at the ceremony.

John Wayne McRae.

America and Scotland Forever.





 The wild plant conservation charity Plantlife Scotland is currently coordinating a UK wide public participation project, thePatchwork Meadow,

to create a Bayeux Tapestry celebrating the role of wild plants and trees in British culture.

We are making a special effort in Scotland because the first exhibition of the work will be at the Wild North Festival in Caithness and Sutherland at the end of June 2013,

in the year of Natural Scotland. The Wild North Festival will be coordinated by the North Highland Initiative.

Lori McCrea from Clan MacRae Society of North america

submitted the following square to this project.


Clan MacRae plant is the Fir Club Moss.



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