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                        WHAT'S NEW




Check out the following website if you are interested in old photographs of Scotland . Some Very fascinating

pictures to be found here from the Victorian and Edwardian Eras.



For those of you who would like some Scottish Childrens books , check out Scotland's clean energy mascot : Max Power

The latest book "Max Power and the Bagpipes" can be ordered on line from the following website.  


max power



Collin J. McRae Papers discovered:

Colin was a procuror of material for the Confederacy during the war of northen aggression. His Brother had been Governor of Mississippi. After the war, Colin was a wanted man and moved to Belize, he and his ex governor Brother are buried in Belize. The papers were discovered in a house in Mobile , Alabama.

In America, his line originated in North Carolina.

John Wayne McRae.


McRae DNA Testing:


Greetings Fellow MacRaes!


We now have 116 MacRaes who have tested, signed up or committed to have their DNA tested.  It is exciting to see MacRaes from all over the world having their DNA tested.  Over the last couple of months it has been our Canadian cousins who have been signing up the most!  Way to go Canadian MacRaes!  So come on MacRaes from the rest of the world - let’s all follow their lead and get our DNA tested! 


Some great news to pass along is Family Tree DNA has extended the $199.00 special pricing during Christmas. We don’t know how long this will last, so please signup now.  Click on this link to go directly to the MacRae page and scroll down to select the Y-DNA67 test -


Here is some other great news!  Larry T. McRae, editor of the Sgurr Uaran newsletter for our American society who lives in Boone, North Carolina, received the results of his 67 marker test.  It seems that Larry is a perfect 67 out of 67 marker match with John E. McRae who lives in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.  Neither of these men had any knowledge of the other, but now they are comparing notes and piecing together their common family lines.  Larry had some information on his lineage, but John’s information went further back and so together they are learning more.  These DNA tests can and do help us as we work together on our family lines. 


So why not give that special male MacRae a Christmas present and sign him up to have the Y-DNA67 test performed?


In closing, remember that the Y-DNA67 test is for the male member of the MacRae lineage.  So if you are a female MacRae it is very simple to pay for the test and have your brother or a male MacRae relative take the test.  We really are excited about the results we are seeing but we need more MacRaes to sign up.  The more we have tested, the better the results will be for all MacRaes.  Please forward this email to all MacRaes you know!


Should you have questions, please contact any of the below –           Alice Fairhurst                   Faye Moore             Martin MacRae Halligan                Bruce W. McRae


Merry Christmas and God Bless You All!

Bruce & Judy McRae








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