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Historic Places: Map of Scotland

This map of Scotland shows a castle and other locations that have an association with the MacRaes.

Map of Scotland showing locations associated with Clan MacRae

For more information about a location, click one of the following links:

Location Description
Arthur's Seat The site of the "Affair of the MacRaes" that took place in 1778.
Clachan Duich For over a thousand years, the Clachan Duich has been the burial ground of the Clan MacRae.
Culloden The final battle between the Jacobites, include Prince Charlie, and then English, resulting in the end of the rule of the House of Stuart in Scotland.
Eilean Donan Arguably the most photographed castle in Scotland and ancestral home of the MacRaes.
Sherriffmuir A 1715 battle in which Clan MacRae suffered great human loss.

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