The Clan MacRae Society of North America
Application for Membership


Complete this form and mail it along with your check to:

The Clan MacRae Society of North America
c/o Sheila Schmidt

3350 Braun Court

Golden, CO 80401-1665

Make your check payable to:

Clan MacRae of NA

Applicant Information

Full name: ____________________________________________________
Street address: ____________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State:___________
Postal code or Zip+4: ______________________ Phone: ________________________
E-mail: ____________________________________________________


If your name does not show the basis for membership, please explain your MacRae connection. For example, "My maternal grandmother was Mary MacRae.":



Membership Type

Please check the membership level.

  Membership Level Yearly Dues
___ Individual/Family Membership (newsletter for immediate family only) $30.00 mailed or $25.00 by email
___ Student (under age 21) $15.00 mailed or $10.00 emailed
___ Patron $200.00 or more
___ Lifetime*: up to age 61 $600.00 (One-time fee paid for life)
___ Lifetime*: age 62 to age 69 $400.00 (One-time fee paid for life)
___ Lifetime*: age 70 and over $200.00 (One-time fee paid for life)


Please check the areas in which you have an interest:

___ Clan MacRae social activities ___ Fundraising
___ Attendance at Highland Games ___ News of other MacRaes
___ Genealogy ___ Highland music, literature, etc.
___ Other. Please specify: _________________________________________________________

Thank you.