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When joining or renewing, you have two options - Annual or Lifetime.  We encourage you to consider a Lifetime membership. If you choose to renew as a Lifetime member, there will be no more dues paid for life!

All members also receive a newsletter.  We also encourage you to consider receiving your newsletter as a color pdf version delivered by email to help us save resources through less paper printing and postage costs. Color versions of the newsletter are always available on our website.

Lastly, why not join or renew as a Patron for this new year? We love our supporters and you can be guaranteed that the extra funds you give at the Patron level will be put to good use!

Individual/Family Membership

Student Membership under age 21

Patron Membership

Lifetime Membership up to age 61

Lifetime Membership ages 62 to 69

Lifetime Membership ages 70+

$25 a year

$10 a year

minimum $200 a year

$600 one time

$400 one time

$200 one time

Annual memberships expire December 31st and are due each year in January. We need to receive your renewal dues by February 28th in order to stay in good standing as a member. On March 1st a new Username and Password will be created for the Members Only section of the website and a new active member database will be created.

Memberships are used to fund society expenses and are not tax-deductible.


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For those who would like to mail in your membership or renewal dues, please click here.

Please contact our Membership Appointee, Rhonda McRae Cummons, at if you have any questions.